Vacation Owner Rental Form


Please Note That Your Unit’s Participation In the Eastern Slope Inn Rental Program Is Not Confirmed Until A Personalized Follow-Up Message from the RCI Coordinator Is Received

  1. Attitash Mountain Service Company, Inc. (AMSCO) establishes rental rates for the benefit of Vacation Owners. Your management establishes these rates seasonally and they reserve the right to change these rates if deemed necessary.
  2. The Vacation Owner will receive 49% of the rental income generated from unit rental. The other 51% will be retained by AMSCO to cover the direct expenses such as housekeeping, linen, central reservation services, marketing, front desk staffing, travel agent and credit card fees, hospitality building costs, and various other expenses related to each guest stay.
  3. AMSCO assumes the responsibility of any damage by the hotel rental guests. The Vacation Owner is responsible for any damage that occurs to the unit resulting from the Vacation Owner’s private rental agreement.
  4. In order to send your guests to use your unit, you must notify us in writing 24 hours beforehand. Keys will be given only to Vacation Owners unless prior arrangements have been made in writing through the front desk to provide keys to one of your guests.
  5. The Resort Accounting Office must receive your annual maintenance fee payment no later than the January 1st due date. Failure to do so will result in the Vacation Owner’s ineligibility to receive any rental income generated from the use of your week. In addition, any and all loan payments must be current in order to receive rental income. AMSCO must have a valid owner Tax ID or Social Security number on file before payment of income to the owner.
  6. Once your vacation week has been submitted to AMSCO for rental, AMSCO has priority usage to rent the unit. The owner may still have use of all or part of their week, subject to availability. Please contact our Vacation Owner/RCI Coordinator at to request regaining use of your week after it has been placed in the rental program. Requests must be submitted in writing 24 hours prior to the nights you wish to use. Please note that your reservation can then only be confirmed in writing.
  7. Information regarding the actual rental of the vacation week will be computed and the rental check will be mailed no later than the 30th of the next month following your week. Please understand that the Front Desk and the Reservations staff cannot give you any information about your rentals. Please do not contact them requesting this information. Reservations do change and because of this fact, it is not possible to provide you with accurate information as to the number of nights rented, or the dollar amount until after rental checks are processed. Also, due to the possibility of the unit price being discounted, we do have several different discount packages; it is not possible to give you a price on what the nightly rental will be.

Please fill out the following information and click submit after you have read the aforementioned policies.