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Book a complimentary 2-night stay to discover why more than 20 million people have chosen to invest in owning vs. renting their vacations. Timeshare Ownership gives you flexibility, affordability, variety, adventure, and spacious, resort-style comfort. You’re never locked into one destination, a specific time of year, or a certain length of time. You choose where and when you want to go.

Your complimentary 2 night stay at Eastern Slope Inn gives you access to all the resort amenities. Enjoy accommodations for two adults with a fully furnished efficiency kitchen in the Main Inn.

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In 1980, Eastern Slope Inn affiliated with Resort Condominiums International (RCI), the world’s first condominium exchange company and began selling individually deeded weekly ownership referred to as Vacation Ownership.
Today, Eastern Slope Inn has more than 220 Vacation Ownership guest houses, suites, and cottage-style units representing more than 7,000 vacation owners and is known as one of the premier year-round destination resorts in New England.

Benefits of Vacation Ownership