Vacation Ownership at Eastern Slope Inn Resort
Dog-Friendly Unit Policy

In response to Owner demand, the Eastern Slope Inn Vacation Ownership Trust has established several designated dog-friendly units that are separated from the main Resort campus.

Dog-friendly units: CH1A, CH1B, RB4S ONLY

We require strict cooperation with the dog-friendly policy.

  1. Only Owners staying in specifically designated dog-friendly units may have a dog in their unit.
  1. One well-behaved dog, weighing a maximum of 75lbs., is allowed per unit depending on the unit size.
  1. Please contact the Front Desk (603-356-6321 x. 0 or in advance for unit reservation. Current fees are $25 per night or a maximum of $100 per stay.
  1. Dog must have a current rabies tag on at all times.
  1. A phone number to reach you must be given upon check-in, so that you can be contacted in the event your dog’s behavior interferes with the enjoyment of other guests.
  1. Your dog cannot be left alone in your unit for more than two hours at a time and must be in a dog crate. Your dog should not be left alone at all if he/she will create a disturbance.
  1. Please note your unit will not be serviced by Housekeeping when your dog is unattended.
  1. You may bring your leashed dog into designated dog-friendly areas at the periphery of the Resorts, as well as to the nearby public parks and certain area shops and attractions that allow dogs.
  1. You must clean up after your dog and dispose of your dog’s waste in designated receptacles. Any clean up requiring staff involvement will be charged to the owner.
  1. Any damage caused by your dog’s behavior, or owner’s failure to comply with the dog-friendly policy, may result in a minimum $350 cleaning/damage fee.
  1. Bringing a dog on the property without written notice, or into a non-dog friendly unit will result in a $350 charge to the owner and/or the removal of the dog.
  1. Any Owner who fails to properly clean up after their dog and dispose of waste properly, and/or brings aggressive or misbehaved dogs, may be asked to leave the property immediately without refund.
Village Place dog-friendly policy
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We look forward to welcoming you and your dog at Village Place at the Eastern Slope Inn Resort!