Maximizing Winter Adventures: Epic Passholders Enjoy 10% Savings on Eastern Slope Inn Lodging

As winter enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of snow-covered slopes, Epic Passholders have an additional reason to celebrate this season. The Eastern Slope Inn, nestled in the heart of a winter wonderland, has partnered with Epic Pass to offer an exclusive 10% discount on lodging. This exciting collaboration opens up new possibilities for Epic Passholders, allowing them to maximize their winter adventures while enjoying the comfort and charm of the Eastern Slope Inn.

Unlocking Savings with Epic Pass:

Epic Passholders are no strangers to the perks and privileges that come with their pass, from access to world-class ski resorts to special discounts on gear and services. Now, the partnership with Eastern Slope Inn extends those benefits to lodging, making it even more enticing for avid skiers and snowboarders.

The 10% discount applies to all lodging options at Eastern Slope Inn, providing flexibility for a variety of preferences and group sizes. Whether you prefer a cozy room for a romantic getaway or a spacious suite for a family ski trip, Epic Passholders can revel in the convenience and savings that come with their pass.

Eastern Slope Inn: A Winter Haven

Located in the heart of New England’s winter paradise, Eastern Slope Inn offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern amenities. With its picturesque setting and proximity to top-notch ski resorts, it’s an ideal home base for winter enthusiasts seeking the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation.

Guests can unwind in the inn’s comfortable accommodations, complete with rustic décor and all the conveniences needed for a memorable stay. After a thrilling day on the slopes, Epic Passholders can take advantage of the inn’s amenities, including heated pools, hot tubs, and inviting common areas where stories of the day’s adventures can be shared.

How to Redeem the Discount:

Accessing the 10% discount on Eastern Slope Inn lodging is a breeze for Epic Passholders. Simply click the Book Now button and choose your desired lodging getaway, then enter promo code EPIC in the field before clicking to confirm.  It’s a seamless process that adds value to your winter getaway without any additional hassle.


This winter, Epic Passholders have even more reasons to rejoice as they plan their snowy escapades. The partnership between Epic Pass and Eastern Slope Inn opens the door to exclusive savings on lodging, allowing skiers and snowboarders to make the most of their winter adventures. From the thrill of the slopes to the comfort of a charming inn, Epic Passholders can embrace the season with a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your winter experience and create lasting memories at Eastern Slope Inn.